Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh, Blogosphere: Cruel Cold Mistress

It's really a fascinating place, this thing we call the blogosphere. Millions of people shouting into a void, wanting to be read, heard, respected. Everyone is writing, but how many are reading? How many times have you read some random blog? Have you ever seen Matthias and Jenni's "Discovery of the Big USA", or salivated over the recipes and pictures at Cinnamonda? Have you checked out the creations of Margot and friends over at un-BLOG-evable? There's only two posts at KittenLove.com, but, seriously, could one need any more? Ben's short blog starts off with a truly humorous story. "The Awsome [sic] Me and My Not So Awsome [sic] Family", mobile blog posting's flood pictures,... SalmonTorpedo.

Each one of these represents an individual voice, spoken in solitude somewhere. The posts are messages in bottles, tossed into the vast sea. Sometimes the posts speak to a specific group of people, sometimes they speak to the nameless, faceless 'you'.

How do we determine who is heard and whose voice sinks beneath the weight of the millions of other messages in millions of other bottles? What capricious fate decides who among the clamoring masses will be read? I imagine that it is by the same standards that the rest of the web is held to: frequent and interesting updates. However, there is so much out there that most never get their chance to petition the many, the thousand-faced adjudicator of the internet's fickle attention.

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